Saturday, March 9, 2013

Asian: Cell Phone Tag

Hello Fellas. I am going to post about Cell Phone Tag. Erin tagged me fyi. So, pamparampampam
Btw, Erin! Where's the post that I tagged you? What's in my purse? I'm waiting. Haha.


What is your main call ringtone?
Naah, Piano Riff, the same ringtone as Justin Bieber in One Time, lol

Do you have any set for specific people?
Yes, for my Nokia N73

Who and what is their tone?
Nurul - Love Me
Syaf - Baby
Erin - Overboard
Syam - One Less Lonely Girl
Umar - Eenie Minie (ALL JUSTIN'S SONGS)

Do you have polyphonic or real music tones?

How many new ringtones have you downloaded in the last month?
I don't download it, my mom did

Where do you download them from?

Address Book

How many people are in your address book?
more than 400

How many are family?

How many are friends?
Most of em

How many start with the letter M?

How many start with the letter Z?

How many start with the letter A?

Do you have them sorted by speed dial number or alphabetically?

Do you actually call everyone in your address book?
Nope, gila apo

Text Messages

How many texts are in your inbox?

Who is the most recent one from?

What does it say?
Dah practice piano ke belum?

How many texts are in your outbox?

Who is it to?
Daddy lah

What does it say?
Hihi, em, dah dah, tapi sekejap :P

Would you rather call someone or text them?

Call Lists

How many calls have you missed in the last 3 days?

Do you always call people back when you miss a call?

Who was the 4th call down from on your "Received Calls" list?
Opah Leha

Who was the 2nd call down to on your "Dialed" list?

Who is listed the most on your "Dialed" list?

Who is listed the least on your "Dialed" list?
hmm, Idk, I don't really like to talk otp

Who is listed most on your missed call list?
Daddy hihi

Who is listed least?

Who is listed most on your "Received" list?

Who is listed least?
Ya think?

General Phone Questions

Who is your cell carrier?
Maxis & Digi

What is your area code?

What is the make and model of your phone?
iPhone 3Gs and Nokia Capok and Nokia n73

Do you want a new one? If so, which do you want?
Yes, I will wait till iPhone 5 arrives here in Malaysia

What is the wallpaper on your phone?
Justin Drew Bieber ofc :)

I tag;

EVERYBODY LAH. If you wanna do this tag, go to this blog. Sorry Erin, I can't remove the disable right click. My blog has issues. Haha. Byebye pepol



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