Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay: Blissful

ali has a friggin iPhone 5.......bye

So hi guys! I haven't been blogging for quite awhile now. Okay, first, I've been "secretly" sick for a few days, my Urticaria came back & my stomach probs are coming again. Plus my lbp has gotten worse. I really felt like crying though, because it hurts so bad. I could not sleep well these days, it keeps me awake at night. But I know I could pull it through, I hope. Anyways! Happy belated 19th birthday Justin Bieber, I've been Beliebing for 4 years and it's totally worth it. I spent so much for Justin, but anything for my baby hahaha wtf. And we Beliebers hate papparazis for ruining Justin's birthday. So! February does not have 31st so, basically on the 3rd, it's me & Ali's 2nd monthsary. Lol, I've been friendzoned by him for quite a long time to be clear. I think since August? eh idk. He's my crush since 2011 that's for sure. (crush 2012 dulu lain cerita, lol, dah tak dah) He's been a really good friend to me & I don't really feel like he's my boyfriend cause we treat each other like friends, more comfortable perhaps. 
Oh! I was FREAKING MAD at Ali in the morning because he was like 2 hours late, but idk man, I can't stay mad at a person for too long, I don't care who you are, I just can't stay mad at people. (Tbh, I'm an angel without a halo) lol. We watched Dark Skies (boo!!!!!!!) Then had lunch, went to f21 to look for clothes, but I promised not to shop anymore. Then got back home. Had fun though.
P/s : Thanks for the new Nikon daddy, I was totally kidding ok, and I don't want a new phone or Girlfriend perfume, you've given me enough. And you know I really love DSLRs and those lens, thanks so much, I always wanted an Olympus Pen, but you got me a better one. I love you and ibu so much, so so so much. And thanks mom for the unexpected new clothes. I love em, xoxo



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