Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl: Diary

Hello Babes. I am gay tonight. Naaah, I don't know why.
So, Sorry for not updating my blog for a couple days. I've been so busy lately. So, here's my "diary" or whatsoever the name is

Thursday, 16 December 2010
Yay, finally my dad has been discharged. Truthfully I miss KPJ Hospital, haha, stupid, but yes, that's the fact. So, uuh, my dad is getting better now, and he's a strong man, and he'll never give up on anything. Hmm, let's see, nothing much happened yesterday. Oh yes! Not to forget, I read a Malay Novel, titled Suhaila, and I managed to read it for only a day. New record babe, I mean, reading a Malay novel, and abled to finished reading um. Haha. That's all for that day. Haha

Friday, 17 December 2010
Today was a booooring day. We did nothing today. Yeah my dad in on MC today, and he's still ill. Well, we went to Bangi, Nilai, Kajang. Ronda ronda. Haha. Our family routine. Then, as usual, texting with Umar, wempitzz style. Whatthefag? Then, continued crapping with other guys, which are my friends too, and typed like the rempitzz, hei, no offence bebeh. We're just passing our leisure time.

Nak cakap aku gedik? Go ahead
Nak cakap aku poyo? Ada aku kesah
Nak cakap aku bajet? Silakan
Nak cakap aku pape? Go to heaven ah, susah ape?


Oh god, I am being so harsh, but, I am not pointing to my innocent readers, okay? So, My daddy planed to go to Malacca this Sunday. But, I am not thrilled to go there. As my PMR Result are coming out next weak, I've been so, terrified. So, I want 8As so badly. I don't know what to do if I don't get 8As, yes, I did my very best, and I don't want to be frustrated, like UPSR. And I hope that my hard work will be paid with 8As. And my mom told me, if I get 8As she'll give me ticket to watch Jb on 2010, (if Jb comes to Malaysia lah), or, Cash. So, I don't wanna dissapoint my parents, and my family. As If I don't get 8As, I will probably not talking to anyone. Yes, I will do what I say. And I don't know how to face my life if I don't get 8As. Really. I did everything it takes, but I don't know. I will leave it to Allah. And please, Allah, bless me. I need 8As so badly. No 7, 6 or 5As, but 8As.

But, uhm, my confindent level is very low, I don't know. Please pray for me. I don't know whether I can move on or not if I don't get 8As. I don't know how to face my life. And the main this is, I will be so Quiet, that's for sure. Like what happened on 2007. I don't like to be depressed. I really want to make my parents proud. I want to beat my cousins that strived 8As for PMR, and good results for their SPMs. Pleaseeee, Give me a chance to taste victory. So, I gotta go now, goodnight, love you guys. Bye.



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