Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl: dumbumbum

I don't even care about what you talk behind my back. Or the stupid childish things about me. Wohoo. I am more matured nowadays. So, I am not falling into you're oh-so-sweet words. Geez.
Kso, I went to Metro Kajang and ah, Alamanda, ahgaaaaain. I am sick of going to Alamanda every single week. Kay, At Metro Kajang, we had our breakfast and ice cream and bought a pair of Baju Kurung and 3 pairs of school shoes, while Aizat bought 3 air of shoes and 2 pairs of pants. After that, daddy drove to Alamanda, to buy our school uniform. Bought another pair of baju kurung from Professor and a pair of baju kurung in Parkson. My dad bought 3 or 4 pairs of uniforms for my brother. And bought a school bag for him, just Tropicana Life. I was planning to buy a school bag from Adidas, but, I don't know yet. Kay, gotta go now, byebye



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