Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl:Once In A Life Time, When There's No Second Chance...

Why hello babes. Kso, I miss High School Musical Moments. Oh yeah baby, the "Coolest" thing when I was younger. The first time I knew about Hsm was in Standard 5, hihi, but I can't watch the Movie Premier, sob sob sob. It's because Amal and I joined a Motivation. Uitm I guess. Then, my dad bought me the CD, and I watched it over and over again. Haha. At school, Dave insisted that he's Troy Bolton. Wahahaha. So funny. I loved the songs, especially When There's You and Me and Bop to the top if I am not mistaken. Hahaha. How childish I was.

The Second Installment was kind of, "Over the top", but I liked Sharpay Evan's pink stuffs, hahaha, but I don't like the movie that much. And yeah, I was "concentrating" on UPSR haha. And my result was frustratin'.

The third one was boring to. I mean for me. Oh yeah, Twilight entered the view, but I didn't watch the movie on theather. And yeah, I bought the DVD. wth. I remembered the time when I printed the lyrics. Wahaha. With Troy Bolton's face on em. And yeah, I bought the books and dvds and stickers and files and stationary and magazines. Wahahhaha. Infantile. I miss being a kid again. Haha. I miss arguing with Dave, and I miss Mean Gurlz. Wahaha.

But yeah, I've grown up, and I am a young lady now, eceh, haha, Imma teenager. And no more HSM.
Byebye High School Musical, Hello Twilight Saga
Byebye Troy Bolton, Hello Justin Bieber, ahahaha
Wow wow wow,


Besides HSM, I am kind of annoyed when people asks me "sapa nama?", weh buta ke? Kat display name dah tertera, baca lah gila, tu pun kena tanya? Lain lah kalau letak nama bodoh bodoh kan? If tanya "nak panggil apa?" ada maaf lagi. Haih.
Kay gotta go now, byebye fellas.



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