Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl: Up Up Up

I'm A Weirdo.
Hello Fellas, sorry for not updating. I'm a busy young lady do, lol, yeah, can't wait to be Sixteen baby! I wanna meet Justin Bieber, I mean watch his concert, aren't you excited? Nak jadi OLLG dia X) Or or or, his Baby baby baby ooooh, WTF man, I am just day dreaming, wahaha, it's my life der.

Kay here it is, my *ahem diary in Ipoh

Friday (24th Dec 2010)
Daddy picked us up and he drove us to his office, nearby Capital Square, nothing much there, I bought some hairclips and hair stuffs, and yeah, my favourite mag, Seventeen, TaySwifty. Yay. Kay, long story, shorten. We arrived at my hometown by 9.30pm (approximately), I was darn sleepy. Aha. Zzz

Saturday (25th Dec 2010)
Ahem, ahem, Santa Sara's here lol, HO HO HO, Merry Christmas to the ones who celebrated em. I had the best gift baby, I met Nurul Haziqah, I was so happy! omegod omegod. Kinta City je lah kan? Bought a top from Mango, Smexxi, hahaha, navy green, shoulder-off top, yay! And bought some bow hair clips, sho cute. And drank Coffee Bean's Ice Blended Double Chocolate, nom nom nom and ate Double Cheese Burger. I was so sad to leave her that day. sob sob.

Sunday (26th Dec 2010)
Hmm, byebye Ipoh. Went to my aunt's house, in Shah Alam, that reminds me of NisaAlina. Haha. I had migraine, tefak, I slept for 3 hours there. And had shower there too, ohh, the best part, Meow, my baby cousie, came by, hahaha, so cute that I just wanna eat him up,lol,fyi, his real name is Aniq, but I call him Meow. haha. Screw me.

Kay, so, gotta go, byebye



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