Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay News:Caramel

Hello Guys, kso, I went to school today, and I found out that I am in class 4 Dinamik next year. Whatthehell man? I dowan. I dowan. I dowan. I dowan. I dowan. I applied for Science Stream, but, my PMR result was bad, sob sob. 6As 2Bs, hmm, kan? There's a lot of brainiacs out there. And I am not qualified to be in the Science Stream, poor Sara, lol. Well, I don't like Engineering Drawings, huh, god, what can I do? Hmm, I want to go to other school, and open a new book,
New Year, New Chapter
Okay so, I am so bored, I got nobody to talk with right now, I don't want to bother Nurul now, I know that she's busy. Em, Just crapping prapping drapping (wth) with my bro. Lol. We're in trouble actually, like seriously, we're so booby and immature, pardon me Ibu, please ? :( pretty please? Anyway, I am hungry, my tummy needs food, huh, I am darn hungry, the last thing I ate was 2 pieces of crackers with Nescafe for breakfast, I want lasagna, from Secret Recipe. Nom nom nom. My Baggy Eyes x)
Btw, I have a new contact lens, my mom bought it for me, I don't freakin know when she bought em, lol, but, the color is Violet, and isn't that obvious. My grey contact lens were already expired. Bye bye Little Miss Grey Eyes, lol, hahaha, *vain* I love my Grey lenses. They made my eyes "pop" bhahaha. So, bye G-g-grey, hello Violetttai. Haha. Kay, gotta go now, byes!



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