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Malay News: Son and Father

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Late last year I posted Daughters & Fathers, the story of two daughters, Marina Mahathir and Nurul Izzah and their fathers, as I see them. As usual, kaytee was very t'ng kooi or long winded wakakaka.

Today I decided that on gender equality, I have a post  on 'Son and Father'.

But I want to be t'ng kooi again, wakakaka, and so to motivate you to read it, I'll start off with wonderful SEX.

The wonderfully s-exciting thing about Malaysian politics is that there's always X-rated sex in it, wakakaka.

Dr Mahathir once wanted (no, not the topic word, wakakaka) Malaysia to have a population of 70 million, a publicly voiced but informal announcement which set many railing against his proposal, as they have railed against all of his proposals or assertions since he retired, wakakaka.

Anway, regarding his 70 million population proposal, I imagined he must have looked around and saw almost every ASEAN nation has more or less that population size, eg:

Myanmar - 63 million
Thailand - 64 million
Vietnam - 90 million
Philippines - 96 million (hello, been Dahil Sa'yo*-ing too much? wakakaka)

* meaning 'because of you', probably Philippines most popular song

Malaysia with its current 30 million is comparatively puny, but I had suspected (still do) that he wanted a population of 70 million not so much for defence resilience or showing the population biceps only, but rather more for the economic viability and independence that comes with domestic consumption and also the human resource potential to produce/export cheaply like China, Thailand and now emerging Vietnam.

Then, he would have also seen those economic power houses such as France, Britain, Italy (each mid 60 million), Germany (82 million), Spain (47 million) and most remarkable South Korea (50+ million).

apart from heavy technology & construction, Samsung, Korea exports its wonderful k-pop

Thus he must have reckoned 70 million population would be comfy gnam gnam to make his Malaysia economically strong(er).

Known as a rather impatient man who, despite being a medical doctor and should have known the time span required for human gestations and stuff like multiplication and arithmetic progression, or precisely because of that, some have suggested that he must have decided to kick start the process to achieve his 70 million dream with devolved IVF-ing, wakakaka, by having eggs fertilised in neighbouring countries and the results force-fed with tempeh and jamu pasak bumi, and also balut and bayag ng baka (wakakaka) into instant adulthood before receiving them warmly with open arms and a blue IC.

our new and instant citizens

But that's only a temporary (kick start) measure, where he must have expected every Malaysian or rather Malay in the meantime to do his/her (beyond the call of) 'duty' wakakaka to achieve the target 70 million.

Presumably in the name of Malay-Muslim unity, PAS did try to support the bangsa and negara call, more so when the means towards that has been certified halal by agama, by supporting an innovative proposal in 2006, the Islamic misyar marriage, for sexual gratification for divorced women who lacked the Islamic legal means to attain the gratification.

Now, we must be clear that (in 2006) all these were directly driven NOT by Dr Mahathir, but by a PAS politician, Abdul Fatah Harun, the ‘honourable’ (wakakaka) PAS member for Rantau Panjang, who told the Dewan Rakyat in 2006 that “If we see women who don’t have husbands and are divorced not because their husbands are dead, (it must be because) they are ‘gatal sikit’”.

Wow, such a succinct analysis - naturally by a PAS pollie, wakakaka.

And with Prof Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid's brilliant proposal of misyar marriages as a solution to the equally brilliant analysis of divorcees who were 'gatal sikit', none other than Pak Haji Nik Aziz gave his personal stamp of approval for the sexual panacea.

Oh, how sex drives us Malaysians even in our socio-politico-religious decisions.

But then, spoilsports such as Prof Madya Harlina Halizah and Siraj and IKIM director Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas put a damper on misyar marriages, misconceived as a Islam-sanctioned path to recreational sex for what a former PAS politician deemed as women who were 'gatal sikit'.



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