Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay: Typical saturday

Hi guys, I went out today. I went to The Curve, I want to eat Meatballs but daddy refused. So had lunch at Tony Roma's yums!!!! But I did not eat much because I can't. I am unwell these days, I can't sleep at night, which is very distracting. I feel like crying, I swear, but I didn't. So today, mom bought me some shawls, since I'll be going to Uni/College soon. She asked me to collect them already. Then surveyed some perfume, I still want GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! Nyways, my neighbour gave me some Croquette that he made, fuckaah so delish! I swear it's better than my favs. So yeah thank you Luthfi! hehe ttyl x



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