Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay:Happy 1st Year Beliebing Sara

Hello. I am having fever. Poor me. Anyway, Happy 1st Year of me Adoring Justin Drew Bieber. Haha. Yay yay yay. If Jasmine V or Selena Gomez (idk) can be your Latin Girl, I want to be your Malaysian Girl! Wahaha, In your dreams lah Sara.

Btw, I am not having fever, I am having Bieber Fever again. Wahaha. So cool. I know most of you will say "Bieber, Bieber, Bieber, takde benda lain ke?" And I will say, "THIS IS MY BLOG, AND I DON'T FRIGGIN CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS SAY". I first knew about The Biebs was by Emon. Blame that Emon guy lah, haha, lol. He told me about Jb, and he asked me whether Jb is a guy or a girl. Whadawhada. Kso, I am a Belieber, so I B.E.L.I.E.B that everything is possible.

Justin Bieber inspires me, hihi, He's the cutest guy I've ever seen. The cutest human being ever. Well, for me. Haha. And he's getting more handsome and hotter now, mrrrrawr, ohh myy gad, Ikr? He's just FLAWSOME (flawless + awesome) haha. So, I don't care what others say about me, Pshyco? Maniac? Whatsoever, IDC.
I'll be one of them, one day, hahaha.
Beliebers out there, Let's Spoon Swaggin'!
Shawty Mane X)

LOL. I am so going to go to his tour in Malaysia next April or idk when, finger cross. OHMYYYYBIEBS. Kay, enough Bieber-la-Biebsy, byebye.



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