Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl: day 2

Old Picture : I looked so, young :')
Hello Guys, It's my second day in the hospital, actually not me, my dad. I am just keeping him accompany. I am such a good daughter :') hahaha. So, aah, I am havin' backache, not because of Pee-Emm-Ess. Why? Hummm, I slept on a chair, the hospital chair, not the couch or the sofa bed or whatever. Kay, the nurses interrupted my sweet dream. Hehe. I had the sweetest dream ever, oh god, I dowan to end that dream. Unfortunately, that dream had to end. So, sad. Darn you Nursee!!! Anyway, Syam came to visit daddy today. Wah. So kind of her. But, I kind of like in here, and yes, I am fattening, haha, what can I do except sleeping, eating,reading, writing, twitting, facebooking, blogging and bathing? haha. Kay I got nothing to say now, going to blog soon! Byes



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