Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay girl:KPJ Hospital

i miss this moment :,(
Hello Guys! Guess what, I am on vacation. Where? New York babyyy.
Hihi, nolah, I am just kiddin'. I am at KPJ Kajang, sob sob, my daddy is admitted here for couples of days. I am keeping my dad accompany. So, I am goinna sleep on the sofa bed, alone.
Kso, what am I going to do here? Camera whoring, alone, hihi, writing writing writing and eat. Tefak. I am getting fat again, shit.

While I was watching Music Videos on Youtube, I came across this, music video, by Avery. I lovelovelove her voice. Yeah you should watch / hear it. Oh anyway, I am learning how to play

"When I Fall in Love by Celine Dion" yay! While my mom is learning how to play "Beauty and the Beast" also by Celine Dion. Yeah man, I am going to learn how to play "That Should Be Me" by Justin Bieber. Can't wait to play it. Eh, actually I can play songs already, the teacher just have to teach me again. What's the point ae? Anyway, I am going to have my Piano Practical Exam soon, ho yeah ho yeah, I am going to be a Fifth Grader, another 3 grades to go, then I can be a pro. Come to me baby! Pray for me okay? K gotta go now, byes!



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