Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malay Girl:Two Thousand and Sepuluh

Ze Znot Zo Zboring Zay Zever
= The Not So Boring Day Ever

Too small? Hehe. Sorray!
Hello Guys, kso, I think I've changed a lot this year. It's obvious thou. My friends said that I am being more matured nowadays. The way I talk, the way I write, the way I behave and the way I blend in. People changes. Yeah, I've changed too, my good friends started to notice. The biggest impact that I did in this year :
Thumpa thumpa thumpa (heart beats)
Why Hello Mr Sexy? Hihi
  1. Sang "Fifteen" on the first day of January. Wihihi
  2. Spike was dead on the first of Jan 09, dah setahun dah dia mati :(
  3. I have a boyfriend
  4. My biggest obsession, which is Justin Biebeeeeer x)
  5. Met Ewcha, new classmate
  6. Wearin' contact lens, thanks bebeh, it really makes my small eyes look extra big hihi
  7. I have the best phone in my life, well for me. My baby iPhone 3gs, June 2010
  8. First time ever, wearin' shawl
  9. I had the wicked dream ever, and "aw aw" moments. Hihi
  10. I did a Twitter account, and officialy a Twitter Addict
  11. I did a Tumblr account and deleted it
  12. Being admitted at KPMC for 3 days, 15th January, I guess
  13. Touchy wouchy smexy with my best friend, in my room. Hihi. It's Syamira. wahaha
  14. First time going out to KL with friends and took train
  15. My 3rd "aww aww' novel hahaha
  16. First time webcamming
  17. Went to Seminar Score A for 4 times, I guess
  18. First outing with 3KRK3, oh myy babes
  19. Met Nurul, my best friend, hihi
  20. My PMR year
  21. My first heels, hihihi
  22. FIFA 2010, SPAIN WON! Yeah babyyy
  23. My first "pusing pusing Raya with Umar and The Gang"
  24. My first time buying Edward Cullen's Tshirt
  25. My first time buying Striking colors garments.
  26. First La Senza thingy, smexxxi hihi
  27. My first time wearing Beauty Products, not really.
  28. My first Karaoke Moment with my guys and babes
  29. My first love
  30. The Waka-waka Moments with my family, hihii
  31. My first " Don't Cha Think You're Girlfriend was Hot Like Me" moments. Mwa mwa
  32. My first " Lemme tell you one time + Baby baby baby ooooh" with friends.
  33. My first and last Bieeeeeeeeebs
That's all I guess, hahaha. Oh yeah, I miss my "baby-faced" look. Hihi. And people will never believe me if I tell them that I am 12. I am going to miss 2010, and I miss my old self, The Nerdy Peko. I miss spending time with my girlboyfriends, ohh! GirlBoyfriends / BoyGirlFriends was our ( Syam, Ewcha, Syami, Adli and Me) group for Star's NIE. hahaha. And I miss them velly much. I miss old times.

Aaaaaand, back to January or February. I can't recall. I started to love Justin Bieber, and I tought that One Time was Favourite Girl haha. Syaf told me about the title hahaha. How dumb. And I don't even know that Justin Bieber is a boy. Hahaha. I first knew Jb by Emon, he told me about Jb haha. Then, I watched One Time on Youtube everytime I did my homework. And yeah I was so darn happy when Fly FM played the song. Oh, not to forget, I wrote "Justin Bieber ily" on my Science Paper 2. Hihi.
Justin, see? I told cha that I am your biggest fan, *yeh right*. Y u no belieb me?
And my face was like THAT, when Fly Fm didn't play the song. Yeah, I've requested a number of times because I was so lazy to hear it on Youtube.

Oh before I end up this noobish post,
"Why am I typing this post?" I should do this post on the Last day of December. Haha. But naah, I am going to post in detail next time. So, I am goin' to do somethin' else guys. Too much pictures? My bad. Keep readin'! Goodbye pepol!



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